Be The Light That Comes and Turns His World Around

This blog began with very different intentions. I planned on it being a juicy, anonymous gossip blog in which I wrote three entries, thus far. These entries had to do with outing a Dallas notable as a cocaine user, disclosing knowledge I have about the major theft of merchandise backstage at a fashion show, contrasting two sets of long-term feuds that have been going on between some noteworthy Dallasites, pondering questionable use of monies at a 501-C-3, the real reason I said “no” to serving on two different boards of organizations, and divuldging my general feelings about the people who have been a disappointment to me.

And then I hit “publish” and the knot in my stomach grew. I’m a big believer in Karma – that amazing force within the universe that sort of works like a boomerang. Anytime I have ever put out positive energy – anytime I have ever helped someone – anytime I have done something that I am proud of, this energy has come back to me, manifesting in amazing ways. And the same can be said of negativity.

And then it happened. A strange man rang my doorbell this evening and then bolted when I peered out of my second story French doors. I was panicked. A million thoughts ran through my head that were not pleasant, to understate the situation entirely. What was he looking for? What did he want with my home? Why did he leave? Was he coming back? Would the police respond fast enough? Would my home alarm scare him away if I tripped it?

I’m not suggesting that the alleged perpetrator was after me for my salacious but short-lived commentary on Dallas’ notables. What I am concluding is that I willed more negative energy with my negative energy.

To get a grip on things, I turned to music and, with the universe taking action, one of my favorite songs was the first to air. “You can be the light that comes and turns his world around.” And I thought, you know, I have listened to that line a thousand times and really love what it stands for. Who needs more negativity being spewed? Who needs more people bashing people? Who needs more of anything but mutual empowerment, positivity, and resolve to make things better?

I really hope people will be interested in reading about positivity with the occasional bout of “life-happens-realism” thrown in for good measure. I intend for this blog to inspire, educate, enlighten, provide an alternative perspective, challenge your own status quo, make you a little uncomfortable, be political, be critical about topics like religion, be frivolous and self-indulgent, provide resolve on some issues, and ultimately remind us that we all have good intentions for this world!

So you’re probably wondering how I will salvage the web’s existing URL “Dallas Snob Blog” if I am planning to be so positive and chipper. Maybe this will be the journey of an individual who used to value the wrong things, solely material things, and now is realizing that there is more value in the metaphysical? Maybe I can master a reformed sense of what is truly valuable? Maybe this is the journey of an individual who was going to laugh momentarily at the expense of others and then remembered that he has perspective on how the receiving end of this feels? Maybe this is an opportunity to really be the light that comes and turns someone’s world around?



2 responses to “Be The Light That Comes and Turns His World Around

  1. What a beautiful realization John. It is much harder to forget and forgive gossip/other’s failings than to chat about it. By letting others make mistakes without judging we are set free.

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