Dear Little Emerson


Dear Little Emerson,
You have been in the world for almost two years and I can’t believe I haven’t met you yet! Just like your mommy moved from one city to another, I did too, before you were born. I am excited to meet you this weekend, and though you won’t know who I am, I am writing this letter for you to look back on when you grow up!

Your mom and I worked together for a big, famous company called Ralph Lauren. I am going to guess that Ralph Lauren will still be around when you are old enough to read this! I worked in New York and your mom worked in Florida. When it came time to find someone to work with me in the office in New York, no one in the whole company was more loved and respected than your mom. Your mom decided that she would move from Florida to New York. It was as big decision and look what it led to! I was there the very first evening that your mom arrived in New York. We took a cab together to her first apartment on the Upper East Side. As we were parked outside her building, a car came zooming through the side street and basically took the cab door off! Welcome to New York! It would be the first of many silly adventures we’d have.

Your mom and I had great times as colleagues and friends. We traveled quite a bit to places like North Carolina, Florida, and California. We ran together in Central Park, we went out for lunch a lot, and we even went on a holiday weekend trip to upstate New York where we stayed in an amazing log cabin and floated down a really cool river. Your mom has always been such a fun person!

Then, one day, your mom, while still relatively new in New York, met your dad. She had met other boys, but none of them were as charming or polite or smart or successful or well mannered as your dad. She knew it and they hit it off! And if I may say so, I can’t think of two nicer people to fall in love. You are so lucky to have them as parents (and I’m sure you know that)! Your mom is someone I will always know as the most caring, giving, happy and kind person. She has always genuinely cared about others and has been such a positive influence on everyone around her, myself included!

I have a sense that you will grow up to emulate many of the great characteristics of your parents. I’d imagine you will be an amazing person full of generosity and concern for others. I bet you are already blessed with a happy disposition that colors all the things you do. May your life be full of good health, adventure, success and fulfillment in everything you set your mind on doing!

See you at brunch on Sunday!



One response to “Dear Little Emerson

  1. oh my goodness- what a wonderful lovely tribute to a wonderful and lovely person, Jennifer! John you’re the sweetest!

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