Social Media Marketing at Wade College

Social-Media-MarketingThe summer 2016 trimester introduces a new course at Wade College, MRKT2376 Social Media Marketing. This course explores the concepts and application of branding through social media to equip the learner with skills to plan and implement a successful social media marketing strategy for an organization or individual. Course topics include the use of email/database marketing, affiliate marketing, using social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other current platforms to communicate promotions to current and prospective customers. Development of targeted content will be practiced. Management of back-end metrics will be explored through Google Analytics and Facebook Ad Manager.

Throughout the trimester, I am planning many interesting topics, guest speakers and field trips. The course calendar includes:             

Week 1    Monday, June 6  No Class – Orientation/Registration

Week 2    Monday, June 13  Class Introductions/ Syllabus Review Review Social Media Blog Project Marketing 101, Social Media 101, General Social Media Marketing Principles, Dos and Don’ts, Jobs in Social Media

Week 3    Monday, June 20  Building a Social Media Marketing Plan; Facebook and Facebook Ad Manager                            

Week 4    Monday, June 27  Guest Speaker – Tom Kang, Reach Local (SEO/SEM, search, social); Twitter                                

Week 5    Monday, July 4  No Class – Holiday

Week 6    Monday, July 11 Field Trip – CBS Digital/KVIL Studios, Arrive 7:30pm (Digital marketing, SEM, search, social, geo-targeting) 4131 North Central Expressway (North Fitzhugh, Uptown Dallas) There is a parking garage and visitor parking is on the first floor.

Week 7    Monday, July 18 Guest Speaker – Lin Humphrey, Ithaca College; Instagram

Week 8    Monday, July 25 Guest Speaker – Cynthia Smoot, Blogger,; Snapchat

Week 9    Monday, August 1  Linked In, YouTube

Week 10  Monday, August 8  Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr , Local

Week 11  Monday, August 15 Field Trip – Moroch Agency, Arrive 7:30pm; 3625 North Hall Street #1100 (Oaklawn Dallas)

Week 12  Monday, August 22 Guest Speaker – Beth Kahlich, Digital Marketing Consultant: Google Analytics & other social media metrics

Week 13  Monday, August 29 Digital Final Exam Review Session – via Facebook LIVE

Week 14  Monday, September 5 No Class – Holiday

Week 15  Monday, September 12 Final Exam

BloggerStudent Blogs:

The students in the class will be keeping their own Social Media Marketing Blogs. Here they are:

Jael Alvarez

Precious Anyanwu

Oriza Cooper

Irma Douglass

Anthony Gonzales

Pam-ela Harrleson

Gabby Hernandez

Chicoya Jackson

Lakeisha Johnson

Monte Johnson

Sheera Krengel

Kinsley Lewis

Katie McCracken

Keaunna McCray

Addison Miller

Mackenzie Miller

Adrienne Myers

Ashley Ollison 

Haley Olsen

Avalon Plauche

Megan Pollock

Brittany Sanchez

Tiffany Sanders

Nicolas Smith

Hannah Stone

John Paul Thomas

Alina Trueba

Lacresha Tutson

Gabby Valladares

Casey Wall

Lindsey West

Kapri Willis

Samantha Zahn

News & Events:

Linked InOn June 13th it was announced that Microsoft purchased Linked In for $26B. “Microsoft Corp. used the largest acquisition in its history to snap up LinkedIn Corp. for $26.2 billion, making a big bet that the move can deliver a needed jolt to its own software offerings by connecting them with the professional social network, which itself has stumbled lately.” The big question is: is LinkedIn worth $26 billion? The answer is yes if it can provide the value that Microsoft is looking to develop. Currently, Microsoft lacks a social platform that gives it access to users and their profiles like Facebook does. LinkedIn will enable Microsoft to engage with its users to offer them increased value in their work space. The collaboration will make it possible for Microsoft to provide content linked to a project a professional might be working on. It might better enable interviewees to do their research on not only a company but the individual they are interviewing with. Microsoft might enhance it’s Outlook platform’s interactivity through shared meetings, notes and email activity. There is even an opportunity to monetize through advertising to white collar professionals. The dark side, however, is Microsoft’s abysmal track record for acquiring, and then failing to add value to, new platforms. We saw this with Skype. However, it’s a new day with a new CEO. Let’s wait and see.

Class Notes: 

Week 1

The Fifth “P” in modern Marketing

PPPPAny novice student of marketing knows marketers need to address Product, Price, Place and Promotion. If you don’t have the right product (or service) to meet a need for the target audience, one that can position itself with a competitive advantage against the opposition, at the price that the audience will see value in, in a form of distribution that is accessible and adds value to the brand, then a product or brand will be short lived. Add to that the need for appropriate brand promotion – a communication campaign that addresses reaching the audience with messages that are curated to speak their language and grab their attention while breaking through other marketing noise or clutter. Traditionally, these promotional efforts were always a one-sided communication effort. Marketing messages are pushed to the consumer through a channel like advertising, public relations or direct marketing. The consumer never got to talk back, aside from calling a customer service hotline, which was often inconvenient and unpleasant. Today, the fifth P is participation because the consumer now gets to engage in a two-way dialog with the brand. The consumer gets to exchange ideas, feedback, opinions, stories and is constantly participating in a market research sort of effort, whether he or she realizes it or not. No longer can marketing rely on a push orientation only but instead now engages in a push-pull orientation.

Poll: Can Facebook Live Take on TV?

facebook liveDoes Facebook Live have the ability to compete with other forms of entertainment like Netflix and Amazon ?


Four Categories of Social Media “Zones”

zones-image-2Social Publishing

Used for editorial, commercial and user-generated content. Examples include: YouTube, Flickr, Blogger, Scribd

Social Entertainment

Used for games, music and art. Examples include: Second Life, Zynga, Xbox, Candy Crush

Social Commerce

Used for customer relationship management, customer service, retailing, and human resources. Examples include: Facebook, Groupon, Trip Advisor, LinkedIn

Social Community

Used for sharing, socializing, conversing/debating. Examples include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+


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