Twitter – The Social Runner Up!

twitter-1024x1024Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter includes the fact that Larry the bird was named after Larry Bird, basketball player on the Boston Celtics. Twitter would make up a 10 million page book in 33 languages, of which the CIA monitors 5 million tweets a day and staffs “tweet analyzers” who speak all 33 languages. The US  Library of Congress maintains a Twitter archive. Twitter caused a major drop in the world market after a false Tweet of us terrorist attack on the White House. Sweden allows citizens to maintain the national Twitter account. Twitter addiction has proven stronger than sex, cigarette and alcohol addictions.  Twitter was originally going to be named FriendStalker. Justin Bieber’s 66 million “followers” have only 26 million legitimate accounts among them!

Facts on Twitter: Twitter is the second largest social media platform – with 310 million active users. Over 42% of people who use Twitter do so to follow companies or brands and they do it silently. The largest audience is 18-24.  It is considered a microblog because of its 140 characters maximum requirement; this limit was originally intended to make it compatible with handheld devices, open to anyone in a public forum and available through text message which doesn’t require internet service. jack dorsey.jpg

Jack Dorsey is a computer programmer and entrepreneur who is co-founder/CEO of Twitter (and founder/CEO of Square). A Day in Jack Dorsey’s Life – WSJ. He manages Twitter in the morning and Square in the afternoon, often working 18 hours per day. He is still struggling to turn either venture into profitable endeavors.

Marketing on Twitter: Use links in your Tweets to drive people to your business; Promote coupons, special offers, inform about interesting developments, provide access to quality content (on your website or press coverage); Encourage ReTweets by ASKING for them! Use Connect tab on Twitter to monitor product or service’s activities (you can also get email digest of activities);  Use Twitter’s Favorites feature to collect testimonials about your brand (anyone can hover over a Tweet to get a list of options – and choose “favorite.”); Use #hashtags to result in people’s searches; Host a Tweet-Up: a Twitter community get-together where Twitter drives traffic to an actual venue; company sponsors something like a free happy hour; Host a Twitter Chat: brand it with a hashtag; let community interact about your brand/products.

Objectives a Twitter Campaign Can Accomplish: Increased Tweet engagements, website clicks, website conversions, app installs, app re-engagement, video views, increased followers and collection of email leads.


Twitter 101: Starting Your Twitter Account and Getting the Full Experience


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