Instagram: Engagement Leader

Instagram New Logo

Instagram’s Logo Metamorphosis

Instagram, a relative new-comer as compared to its parent Facebook and competitors in the social photo share app market, commands a brand engagement that ranks highest in social media platforms at 4.21%: Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate for top brands is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter. This means that user interactions with brands’ posts as a percentage of brands’ fans or followers is 4.21% vs. Facebook’s 0.07% and Twitter’s 0.03%. Simply put, its a more involved audience.

The founder, Kevin Systrom, turned his company from an idea in July 2010 into a $1 billion sale to Facebook, two years later. “Instagram is a different kind of company. When it was bought by Facebook for a billion dollars, it had only 13 employees — and no furniture in their office space. Its founders, Systrom and Mike Krieger, are multimillionaires who haven’t yet blown 30 candles on a birthday cake.” Read article about the company’s founding: 

March 2016 brought lots of newness to the company with the announcement of its new logo (Check Out New Logo Video Here) and new algorithm, instead of chronological feed. More on that here: Inc Magazine Instagram

The following ad objectives currently support Instagram ads:

  1. Page Post Engagement (get more likes and comments)
  2. Clicks to Website (drive traffic straight to a company’s site)
  3. Website Conversions (get a desired action out of a prospect like signing up for email or filling out a form)
  4. Mobile App Installs (download an app)
  5. Mobile App Engagement (reengage with an app that has possibly gone inactive)
  6. Video Views (serve a video to new or existing prospects)

How to Create an Insta-Ad: Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use Power Editor to create Instagram ads. Note the similarities and differences between Facebook and Instagram.

Tips on Succeeding at Insta Marketing from Alekis from Strange & Charmed ( View video starting from 3:40 and on for her 10 tips:

Key metrics to consider: 

  • Half of Instagram comments are posted in the first 6 hours: engagement is high and hunger for fresh content is constant! High quality content gets a longer shelf-life on Instgram.
  • Instagram @Mentions in captions earn 56% more engagement: like Twitter, its all about keeping captions short. The average caption on Insta is 138 characters including #hashtags.  Using a user handle will get you 56% more engagement; abusing @mentions will get you booted.
  • Adding location drives 79% higher engagement: photo maps will tell you where photos were taken.
  • Open backgrounds & single dominant colors get more likes: good quality photos that “breathe” get the attention. High lightness gets 24% more like than dark pictures; More background space gets 29% more likes than minimal or cluttered space; Single dominant colors get 17% more likes than multiple colors; More texture gets 79% more likes than smooth images.




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