America’s Next Top Blog – Social Media Edition

voteWade College’s Social Media Marketing course has been exploring the concepts and application of branding through social media to equip the learner with skills to plan and implement a successful social media marketing strategy for an organization or individual. Course topics include the use of social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, and blog platforms to communicate promotions to current and prospective customers. We even covered Google Analytics as a tool used to quantify social media key performance indicators.

blogEach student has proven, through the maintenance of their own social media-focused blogs, that the marketing world has been changing rapidly, even over the four months that our course has met. We have seen acquisitions of social media platforms by large companies, updates to platform policies, the monetization of new-comer platforms, updates to algorithms and even the use of social media platforms for social justice efforts.

Vote (through the link at the bottom of this page) for the blog that you find most insightful, most engaging, most professional, most intriguing… This should be the blog you would most like to see continue to live on after our course is completed!

BloggerStudent Blogs:

The students in the class haven been keeping their own Social Media Marketing Blogs. Take a look:

Jael Alvarez

Precious Anyanwu

Oriza Cooper

Irma Douglass

Anthony Gonzales

Pam-ela Harrleson

Gabby Hernandez

Chicoya Jackson

Lakeisha Johnson

Monte Johnson

Sheera Krengel

Kinsley Lewis

Katie McCracken

Keaunna McCray

Addison Miller

Mackenzie Miller

Adrienne Myers

Ashley Ollison 

Haley Olsen

Avalon Plauche

Megan Pollock

Brittany Sanchez

Tiffany Sanders

Nicolas Smith

Hannah Stone

John Paul Thomas

Alina Trueba

Lacresha Tutson

Gabby Valladares

Casey Wall

Lindsey West

Kapri Willis

Samantha Zahn

Vote here:SM


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